USB C HDMI Adapter for Samsung DeX, Nintendo Switch, MacBook Pro

image of topoint usb c to hdmi adapterThere are many similar items on Amazon that claim they have the same functions as Samsung DeX Pad or Nintendo Switch Dock. Prices are much cheaper than OEMs, and they are smaller and more compact. They just look like a USB hub. So, it obviously lacks a built-in cooling fan. But other than that, it really does the same functions as Samsung DeX Station, Pad or Nintendo Switch Dock. Here are the specs and review of Topoint USB C to HDMI Adapter which I bought. And, if you want to know about the other similar items and characteristics of them, please continue to read this post.


  • Dimension of hub: 4.5″ x 1-1/4″ x 3/8″
  • Length of cable: 6″
  • Overall Length: 12″
  • Weight: 1.7oz

What’s in the box

  • USB C to HDMI Adapter

In the box, there is the main item only. There are no accessories.

Benefits of Topoint USB C to HDMI Adapter

  • Great Portability – It’s much smaller and lighter than Samsung DeX Station, Pad, or Nintendo Switch dock. It doesn’t take up space on your desk. And, it’s also easy to pack and carry around.
  • image of case friendly samsung dexCase-friendly – If you use Samsung DeX Station and Pad, you may not satisfy about the design of USB-C connector. Many users complain about having to remove their phone cases when using DeX. However, Topoint adapter is case friendly. Although a tip on USB-C connector is wider and thicker than one on ordinary charging cables, it’s small enough to pass through the case. (My case is Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy S9 Case. If a hole of USB-C port is smaller than this phone case, it may not be compatible, and you have to remove the case.)
  • Dissipate Heat – As compared with the original Nintendo Switch Dock, Topoint adapter is better to deal with the heat on the console. The original Nintendo Switch Dock covers the console on the front and back. It makes the console hot.
  • Inexpensive Price – I bought the adapter for $29.99. It’s a lot less expensive than OEMs. The original prices of OEMs are DeX Station for $149.99, DeX Pad for $99.99, and Nintendo Switch Dock for $89.99. You may find deeply discounted prices for those OEMs, but they’re never cheaper than Topoint adapter.

Other types of USB-C to HDMI Adapters

There are similar items you can find on You may want to consider them depending on the features you need.

  • Rocketek USB-C HDMI Adapter – It has the same features as the adapter, but there is only one USB port. Thus, you may find a little lower price.image of rocketek usb c hdmi adapter
  • Rocketek USB C Docking Station for Nintendo Switch – It’s great for an alternative to Nintendo Switch Dock. It doubles as a stand so you can play a game using the display of the console. And, it has three USB ports plus SD and microSD card slots.image of rocketek usb c docking station
  • Rocketek USB C Docking Station for Samsung Galaxy – It launches Samsung DeX. It has exactly the same design as Rocketek USB C Docking Station for Nintendo Switch. If you use multiple USB devices or SD card, this adapter is more beneficial than the Topoint adapter. However, since it makes the phone stand upright and stationary, it’s not suitable for those who use the phone as a touchpad.image of rocketek usb c docking station for samsung galaxy
  • BASSTOP Portable Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement Case – If you already own the original Nintendo Switch Dock and don’t like about its large design or overheating, BASSTOP Replacement Case would be a great solution. The item is only a case. You will need a DIY job to take out the circuit board from the original Dock and install it into the case. Screwdrivers and screws are included.image of basstop portable nintendo switch dock replacement case


You may want to choose Topoint Adapter over the original DeX Station or Pad, or Nintendo Switch Dock for excellent portability. If you are a frequent traveler and minimalist, you would appreciate for its compact size. It doesn’t take up space in a suitcase, and it weighs almost nothing. You can use a TV in a hotel room as monitor and watch movies from streaming channel you subscribe such as Hulu or Netflix by connecting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or MacBook Pro. And above all, it’s very inexpensive. Click here to see the latest price.

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