The best VR games for Oculus Quest in 2019

Oculus Quest has been released. As compared with the Rift or HTC Vive, it lacks quality of graphics. But, An untethered standalone VR headset provides complete freedom which makes up for the lack of graphics. Although game titles are still few, there are many great games available to purchase. Here are the best VR games for Oculus Quest in 2019.

Beat Saber ($29.99)

Beat Saber is one of the top-selling VR games. It’s been already a hit in other platforms like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. The game for the Quest was released along with the hardware, and it became the most popular game.

image of beat saber oculus vr game

Beat Saber is a rhythm game. In the game, you have two different colors of lightsabers in each hand. You have to slash cubes coming at you with them. The cubes are also in two different colors with arrows. You have to slash them with the lightsaber matched with the color and the direction. It’s simple but highly addictive.

There are around 20 songs included with a purchase of the game for $29.99, and each song has 5 different levels. It doesn’t require an internet connection to play. But, with the internet connection, your scores will be automatically updated in the ranking every time you complete a song. You can compete for the score with all players around the world.

The developer is adding the new songs to the game. There have been 10 additional songs (Monstercat music pack vol 1) for $12.99. And, 10 new songs (Imagine Dragons) are available now for $12.99. You can purchase each song for $1.99. But, I think it’s a little expensive. You can purchase the new songs through the headset, a mobile app, or the website. But, somehow, the 10-song package price is available to purchase through the headset only.

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Vader Immortal: Episode I ($9.99)

Vader Immortal: Episode I is an adventure game which gives you experiences in the world of Star Wars. Instead of watching characters in the movies, the story is happening around you. You can experience lightsaber battles and even get to know how it feels like when you come face to face with Darth Vader.

image of vader immortal episode 1

There are many other interactions like climbing ladders, break a jail cell, etc. However, there is no much of the gaming element. You never die or fail in the game. The story just continues on and on after you do something. The story is about 45 minutes. Honestly, it’s short for the price of $9.99.

However, there is a sub-game called Lightsaber Dojo. You can hone your skill of Lightsaber. There are 40 levels to complete. The untethered VR headset is suitable for this training because enemies (drones) attacks are coming from all around 360 degrees. The next episode is coming soon. There are three episodes in total.

Superhot VR ($24.99)

Superhot VR is an action shooting game. You have to hit enemies by punching or with guns, ninja’s throwing stars or anything that you can grab and throw.

image of superhot vr oculus quest rift s

Enemies try to kill by punching or with a gun as well. You are alone. In all stages, you are outnumbered. It seems you are always in a desperate situation. However, you have a special ability. You can control time. Time stops when you are not moving. Any movement you make, the time restarts. The faster you move, the faster the time goes, and so do enemies.

Take advantage of this, assess the situation and which enemies you have to take care of first. Even when the enemy fired a gun, you can dodge the bullet. Out of bullets? Don’t give up. there still is a way to survive. Let the enemies come close enough to snatch their guns and shoot them with their guns.

Robo Recall: Unplugged ($29.99)

Robo Recall is a first-person shooting game. Your task in the game is to do a product recall. The products, however, are robots which wield weapons and got out of control. Thus, you need to shut them down.

image of robo recall unplugged oculus vr game

Shoot them down with various weapons. You have an unlimited supply of ammo, but each clip has a limit. When it is out of ammo, toss it to the ground and pull a new fully loaded weapon from the holster. Touch controllers work seamlessly a series of actions. You can even grab a robot and tear it apart, or pluck a bullet and toss it back.

It has been around on other platforms and has positive reviews. Now that the game is available on the Quest, you no longer have to worry about the cables tethered to the headset. The Quest’s complete wireless feature allows you to enjoy a full of thrill and freshness.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition ($14.99)

Drop Dead is a zombie apocalypse shooting game. The original version was released for Gear VR in 2016 and for the Rift in 2017. The story remains the same. You are in the time of zombie apocalypse. You and the former CIA agents should survive in the attacks of zombies and stop the mad scientist Dr. Monday, who is responsible for the zombie apocalypse.

image of drop dead dual strike edition oculus vr game

Dual Strike edition allows you to wield two weapons in each hand. The weapons are not only guns but also melee weapons like baseball bats, scythes, axes, and pitchforks. You can even hit back spitter slime.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike is Cross-buy title. If you purchase this game for the Quest, you can get the Rift version for free or vise Versa. Cross-play between Rift and Quest is also supported.

Moss ($29.99)

VR games are not only for categories of sports, shooting, horror, or any other genre of first-person playing games. Moss proved that. Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game. The main character of the game is a tiny white mouse named Quill. You take control of Quill with Touch controller. Quill jumps, climbs up cliffs, and combats with enemies by slashing a sword, but most of the gameplay is to solve puzzles to find ways through.

image of moss vr oculus game quest rift s

While you control Quill, you also have a magical power over the world of Moss, such as moving blocks and capturing the enemies to help Quill’s adventure. If you see only screenshots of gameplay, you may wonder why this game has to be VR. It’s true, it looks like you could play on TV. However, thanks to VR, you can interact a lot with the world inside the game. Sometimes, you need to lean and peak the area that may have clues for solving the puzzles. Sometimes, you need to move blocks or control the enemies by reaching hand and pulling and pushing. These are the experiences that only VR games can provide.

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