Star Wars VR Series Vader Immortal Episode II is available now for Oculus Quest and Rift

Star Wars VR Series Vader Immortal Episode II is now available at Oculus Store, $9.99 USD for Oculus Quest and Rift headsets. The game is “cross-buy” so you can play on both Quest and Rift headsets with a single purchase on either platform.

image of vader immortal episode ii oculus quest rift

The story is about the same length as the Episode I. And it also has Lightsaber Dojo. Episode II focuses on the Force. You are going to learn how to use the Force. Now that you have additional ability to use in a battle, you can trap enemies or objects from distance and destroy or throw them. In addition, you can throw your lightsaber and bring it back with the Force. The Force is also available to use in Lightsaber Dojo, too.

To be honest, Episode II lacks punch, as compared with Episode I. In Episode I, the presence of Darth Vader was much more intimidating. And, the traveling in spacecraft was very immersive, and the landscape of Mustafar was very powerful. I guess that sequels can be just like this, less stunning than the original.

I also prefer Lightsaber-only battle to one with the Force because it’s more exciting and controlling the Force is kind of frustrating. Maybe, I need more training in Lightsaber Dojo II. Anyway, the Vader Immortal Episode II is worth $9.99 USD, available in the Oculus Store.

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