Kiwi 4 OBD adapter Car to Smartphone Interface Reimagined preview

PLX Devices has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new generation of Kiwi OBD2 adapter, Kiwi 4. Kiwi 4 is the four generation of OBD adapter developed by PLX Devices.

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What’s new? There are four innovations.

  • Self-run Mode – Sometimes, a connection between the adapter and smartphone are interrupted by phone calls, received messages, etc. Kiwi 4 continues to run without a persistent connection. It’s good when you log your driving.
  • Audio Alerts/Warning – There is an integrated speak that alerts or warns you by beeping. You can make a variety of settings for audio alerts and warnings. For example, you set to make it beep when RPM is 4000. You can use the alert as a shift indicator.
  • High-Performance Accelerometer – A high-performance accelerometer can provide a real-time measurement of horsepower and torque.
  • Micro SD Card Logging/Downloading – It has a Micro SD card slot. You can record the log and download it to the computer. Or you can install and set the parameters you have downloaded from the computer.

What’s better

  • Ultra-fast, up to 8x faster with Kiwi OBD app
  • Latest Wireless Technology Bluetooth 4.2
  • Ultra low power 3mA sleep

According to PLX Devices, Kiwi 4 is up to 8x faster than competitors when you use with Kiwi OBD app. It’s twice as fast as Kiwi 3. And, it uses the latest wireless technology Bluetooth 4.2. The power consumption when it’s in sleep mode is slightly reduced by 0.02 Watts.

Other features carried on from the previous model

  • Cross-platform (compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows)
  • 3rd party apps support
  • All Standard OBD2 protocols
  • Small design
  • Kiwi OBD app is not included

Kiwi OBD app is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app doesn’t come with the purchase of Kiwi 4 adapter. It’s free to try (only for an hour!) The basic license costs $9.99, and some add-ons require $4.99 each. The deluxe version includes all licenses and costs $24.95. As Kiwi 3, it’s disappointing that a high priced hardware doesn’t include software.


Kiwi 4 has not been released yet, so I’m not sure how useful the new features are. The built-in speaker for audio alerts and Micro SD card compatibility are interesting, but I don’t think it’s necessary or beneficial. PLX Devices claims Kiwi 4 is 8x faster than competitors only when using with Kiwi OBD app, and the app is not included. Just like Kiwi 3, Kiwi 4 is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. And both platforms have many 3rd party apps. PLX Devices plans to deliver the adapter to Kickstarter backers in November 2018. The original price is $149, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price although it has some brand new features. The backers may get the adapter with some discount. This Kickstarter project ends in May 2018.

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