Kiwi 4 OBD2 adapter is on the way

Backers of Kickstarter project of Kiwi 4 OBD2 adapter gets notified that the adapter is shipping and arriving in 4 to 6 weeks. There is some good news along with this update.

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image of kiwi 4 by plxdevices shipping

First, the Kiwi OBD app will be available for an update to version 2.0 in a few weeks.

Second, all backers will have a basic license of Kiwi OBD app for free. It usually costs $9.99 and includes MultiGauges, Diagnostics, and Fuel Efficiency.

Lastly, you will also get Video Overlay and Data Logging for free after you register Kiwi 4 for warranty and like PLX Devices’ Facebook page: Then, send a message to them, and you will receive the codes to unlock the features of Video Overlay and Data Logging. They usually cost $9.99.

image of kiwi obd app free basic license and other features

Kiwi 4 is the new version of OBD2 scan tool by PLX Devices. It has some unique features like a micro SD card slot for data logging and a built-in speaker for an audio alert. Click here to see more details about Kiwi 4 OBD adapter.

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