OBDLink MX+ now access to All OEM Data for free – enhanced diagnostics addons

Scantool.net announces that with OBDLink MX+, you can now access to all OEM data for enhanced diagnostics for free. Here is how to activate them.

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image of obdlink mx add on activation

If you already paid for an additional add-on, which used to cost $9.99 per add-on, you can get a refund. Send a purchase receipt with the order number to support@scantool.net, and they will issue a refund.

OBDLink MX+ is the latest OBD diagnostic adapter by ScanTool.net. The MX+ has all the features of the original MX and free add-on activation in their OBDLink app. With add-ons, you can access the modules or sensors of ABS, Airbag, Transmission, Tire Pressure Monitor, and so on. Supported modules and sensors you can access depends on vehicles’ models, makes, and years.

Now that you can activate all supported vehicles’ add-ons for free, OBDLink MX+ becomes comparable to BlueDriver, the professional OBD adapter by Lemur Vehicle Monitors.

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If you think about purchasing an OBD adapter that is capable of enhanced diagnostics, you may want to consider these two. And, here are some differences between them, which helps you choose the right one for you.

  1. OBDLink MX+ is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. BlueDriver is compatible with Android and iOS.
  2. OBDLink MX+ is compatible with third-party apps, such as Torque, DashCommand, obdCaneX, and many others. BlueDriver works with BlueDriver app only.
  3. With OBDLink MX+, you can get enhanced diagnostics on Ford, GM, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles. With BlueDriver, Ford, GM, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Honda, VW. (As of 12/31/2018, both companies are work on to get more manufacturers to be supported.)

As you see, if your primary purpose with the adapter is vehicles diagnostics, BlueDriver has an advantage over OBDLink MX+ because of more manufacturers supported for enhanced diagnostics. But if you have in mind using third-party apps, you need to choose OBDLink MX+. The original prices of these adapters are the same, $99.99. Click here to see the latest price of OBDLink MX+ or BlueDriver.

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