Google Earth VR Launched

Google has launched a virtual reality version of its app, Google Earth VR. It allows you to explore our planet by seeing satellite photos with 3D and 360-degree format.

Unfortunately, Google Earth VR is currently available with HTC Vive only, not Daydream which is the platform Google has just launched with a new headset (Daydream View) this month, nor Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

When the app is available in Daydream and Oculus, controllers of Oculus Rift and Daydream View will allow you smooth navigation thanks to their motion tracking controllers. Gear VR and other mobile VR headset lack this sort of controller. So, navigation would be a bit frustrating just like you feel when you explore Google Street View (Cardboard app) with those headsets.

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Here is a demo video. You can easily explore the earth by pointing HTC Vive controller wherever you like to go.

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