Google Daydream View Review

Google’s second virtual reality headset has been released in November 2016. Like Cardboard, place a phone in front of the headset and pitch it with a door. The headset is far more stylish than Cardboard, and a motion tracking controller comes with it. Daydream View is currently the only headset for an enhanced VR platform, Daydream. A regular price is $79 USD.


The headset is made of gray fabric that makes most parts of the body flexible. It’s smaller, lighter, more portable than Samsung Gear VR. An area that your face touch is completely removable for wash. There is no focus wheel.

Strap, Gap, Light Leaks

There may be a gap on the side or bottom through which light leaks. And it’s nearly impossible to fill. Because a head strap is attached to the upper parts of its sides. This design makes it difficult to tighten the strap. As an explanation of its design, Google says that you should wear the headset like a crown, not ski goggles. But this means the headset is always loose on your head. A problem that light enters can be diminished by making your room darker, but looseness is not favorable when you play action-packed games, watching horror movies, etc.


The headset comes with a controller. It has a circular trackpad, menu and home buttons on its face, volume rocker on the side. The headset can track the controller in 3D space. A built-in battery is charged via USB cable connected to Type-C port at the bottom. According to Google, it lasts 12 hours with a full charge. You can re-center the screen or pointer at any time by holding the controller straight, then press and hold the Home button. When no use, a controller can be accommodated inside the headset, where a phone is inserted when in use.

Compatible Phones

Daydream works with new smartphones. Currently, Pixel and Pixel XL are the only compatible phones. An operating system is Android 7.1 Nougat. They have the same sync&charge port as Daydream View’s controller. The headset doesn’t include any accessories such as a USB cable. So, you will need to share the cable that came with a smartphone. Google announces that Daydream View will work with flagship phones from Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus and Alcatel.

Software App and Games

At the time of Daydream launch, there are only a dozen apps and games for Daydream. Google promises over 50 apps and games by the end of 2016.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Includes motion tracking controller
  • Regular price $79


  • Loose fit
  • Light leaks
  • Lack of apps and games


Daydream View is the first mobile VR with a motion tracking controller. With the controller, there is a lot of potentials. A price of $79 including the controller is a real bargain. Right now, there is only a dozen, but soon Google Play Store would be filled with Daydreams apps. And more and more new Android phones will be compatible next year.

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