What is WeMo Maker?

Belkin Wemo Maker ($80) can control low-voltage devices such as blinds, sprinklers, irrigation system, pool pump, powered gates, etc. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and you can monitor and control a device from anywhere as long as your home Wi-Fi has an internet connection. As other Wemo products, you can make a schedule, set a timer, get a notification in Wemo app.


Wemo Maker is a 3″ square box with a Wi-Fi antenna on the top. On the front, there is a physical on/off switch and LED indicator. On the back, it has an on/off button for Wemo Maker, a reset button, relay terminals for a low-voltage device or a switch circuit of a high-voltage device, sensor terminals for a sensor, and a micro-USB port for power.

Relay Terminals Specs

wemo maker on the backYou can connect your low-voltage device directly or a circuit of switch or relay of a high voltage electric device to two Relay terminals. Either way, it must be within 24VAC 1A or 12VDC 2A.

Two control functions, Momentary or Toggle

Depending on your application of Wemo Maker, you need to choose a setting between Momentary and Toggle. Toggle means that when you press on, Wemo Maker turns on and stays on until you press off. If you hook up your low-volage device directly to Wemo Maker, you probably choose this setting. Momentary means that when you press on, Wemo Maker turns on momentarily. A duration of a momentary function is 300 milliseconds. If Wemo Maker connects to a switch circuit of the main unit like garage door opener and sprinkler, you probably choose this setting. However, some people report that 300 milliseconds is not long enough to activate the main unit. If that’s the case, choose a toggle setting. And you have to turn on then off manually. You can also create IFTTT applet using action “Turn relay on then off” to make it work the same thing, but the applet may work with a significant delay.

Sensor Terminals Specs

You can connect a sensor to Sensor terminals of Wemo Maker. Sensors must work within 5VDC 100mA.

Using Sensor as a trigger or monitor

You can configure and use it as a trigger of Wemo Maker or a monitor of the status. For example, when you put a magnetic switch on a garage door, one part is on a rail, and the other is on the door. If you put them close to each other when the door is fully closed, you can tell if the door is fully closed or not. If you put them when the door is fully open, you can tell if the door is fully open or not.


Wemo Maker works with IFTTT. But, It may work with a delay depending which triggers or actions you use for an applet. Here is a list of Wemo Maker’s triggers and actions.


  • Relay on
  • Relay off
  • Momentary on
  • Sensor triggered
  • Sensor not triggered


  • Turn relay on
  • Turn relay off
  • Toggle relay
  • Turn relay off then on
  • Turn relay on then off
  • Turn relay on momentarily
  • Turn relay on momentarily multiple times
  • Turn relay on then off multiple times
  • Turn relay off then on multiple times

Amazon Alexa

Wemo Maker doesn’t work with Alexa directly. However, you can make IFTTT’s Applets including Alexa’s triggers and Wemo Maker’s actions. Unlike turning on/off Wemo Switch with Alexa, you will have to say, “Alexa, trigger [a word you specify].” For example, “Alexa, trigger garage door.” will turn on Wemo Maker momentarily, and the garage door opens. Saying it again will close the garage door.


Wemo Maker can control low-voltage devices directly or higher voltage devices by being integrated into a control circuit. It works over your home Wi-Fi network. You can control your electric device with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere. You may use it for your existing device, like garage door opener, sprinkler, gas fireplace, or create a unique device on your own. Wemo Maker is a great item for inventors and tinkerers.

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