Understanding Sous Vide cooking method

Types of cooking methods

Among all types of cooking methods, there is one thing in common. It’s raising a temperature of food in both internal and external. Traditional cooking methods such as searing, baking, and steaming require high heat. By the time inner part of food gets cooked, outer part tends to be overcooked. And a flavor and moisture of food are likely to escape by either dripping or evaporating. Sous vide is the method of cooking without worrying about these problems.

What is Sous Vide?

Sous Vide means Under Vacuum in French. The method first developed in the late 1700s and rediscovered by French and American chefs in the 1960s. Sous Vide has been used in food-service industry since then. And now that there are many sous vide machines intended for home use on the market, Sous Vide cooking became popular and well-known.

Sous Vide cooking involves a container filled with water and food in a vacuum sealed bag. Food is immersed in the water regulated at a constant temperature. Required temperatures depend on ingredients and recipes, but they are lower than traditional methods. It also takes a longer time than traditional methods.

Any types of cooking methods have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, searing cooks food very quickly, but there is always a risk of overcooking. Sous Vide takes a long time to cook, and that’s the only inconvenience of Sous Vide. This cooking method became popular and wide-spread quickly because many benefits justify the inconvenience.

Benefits of Sous Vide

  • Sous Vide is the cooking method with a constant and low temperature. So, there is no way to overcook the food.
  • While cooking, food is in a vacuum sealed bag the whole time. There is no place for a flavor, juice, and moisture to escape. It results in a tender and juicy meal with intense flavor.
  • It’s easy. After you put ingredients, spices, and seasonings in a vacuum sealed bag, the rest of step is always “Cook for XX hours at XX degrees.” And this step is done by sous vide machines. All you need to do is to set temperature and timer on the machine.

To start Sous Vide cooking at home

Sous Vide is the cooking method with constant and low temperature. And Sous Vide machines perform this job precisely. There had been already many products on the market. Prices range from under $100 to $500. Some of them have unique features, and some have unique designs. It’s important to get familiar with their features before buying, and then choose the best product for you.

5 Things to consider before buying Sous Vide machine

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