Take care of notifications on Gear VR with Do Not Disturb mode

While a push notification is a very convenient feature of smartphones, you may sometimes feel they are annoying. You might already configure the setting as you received notifications only from the apps you chose. However, when you are playing VR, probably you don’t want them at all.

Notification setting on smartphones

If you turn off all notifications on the smartphone, it won’t disturb you playing VR. But, when you turn back on, it turns on all of them. The smartphone doesn’t remember the apps you chose. So, you will have to re-configure the setting as you receive notifications only from the apps you want. This re-configuration is a hassle.

Do Not Disturb Mode

There is a better and easy way to deal with notifications. Instead of changing notification-setting of the smartphone, you should use a Do-not-disturb mode. You may know that there is a Do-not-disturb mode in a swipe-down menu on the phone, but it exists on Gear VR, too. Both modes on the phone and Gear VR can be easily accessed and toggled. But, doing it on Gear VR is better because it doesn’t change the configuration on the phone. It goes back to the setting when you finish playing VR.

How to turn on Do-not-disturb mode on Gear VR

  1. Go to Home screen
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ on the bottom, then tap ‘See All’ or Press and hold a back button
  3. Tap ‘Do Not Disturb’

Do-not-disturb mode on Gear VR is different from one on smartphones

Now, you won’t see notifications pop up. It’s worth noting that Do-not-disturb mode on Gear VR is different from one on the phone and effective only on Gear VR. When you remove the phone from Gear VR, it goes back to the same configuration as before. You don’t have to turn it off before removing the phone from the headset. Or, you don’t have to open and toggle the mode on the phone after removing, either.

The setting remains

And, Do-not-disturb mode on Gear VR is remaining on or off until you toggle on Gear VR, even after you remove your smartphone from the headset. When you play Gear VR next time, Do not disturb mode remains on unless you turn it off by doing the same way above.


When you are playing games of some genres like horror and action, popup notifications can be deadly. Now that you know how to make them disappear, I hope you enjoy Gear VR without worrying about these hidden obstacles.

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