Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji

An earlier than a release of Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple’s introduced Animoji along with a new smartphone iPhone X. Animoji is one of the new features on iPhone X. It creates animated emoji that mimic your facial expressions. Samsung has introduced a similar feature called AR Emoji along with a release of Galaxy S9. Both Animoji and AR Emoji allow you to create 3D characters based on your face, but there are many differences.

AR Emoji uses animated human characters while Animoji uses animated animal characters. AR Emoji have a few animal characters, but they are not cute.

How to create AR Emoji

To create your Emoji, you need to take your photo either the front or rear camera. And then, the S9 analyzes your photo to create a 3D cartoon-like character. The S9 also automatically creates 18 GIF stickers. You can record a video of you in the animated character copying your facial expression. You can also share the stickers and videos in messages or on social networks.

A talking your 3D character is a little weird

It’s great to use or share these Emojis on social networks, but a recorded video of talking your 3D character is not cute but bizarre and weird. You may change your Emoji’s hairstyle, color, and clothing, but it doesn’t help much to look more attractive and make you want to use it on social networks. However, the GIF stickers are cute, and you may want to use it on social networks.

Dislikes about AR Emoji

After taking your photo, the phone even prompts you to select male or female to outfit for either gender. That’s what I don’t like. If it’s called AR (Emoji), why doesn’t it create a 3D character base on the photo without having to choose hair, color, and clothing? Some people like to select and change these stuff, but the selections are less than Bitmoji on platforms such as Snapchat and Viber.

AR Emoji is less sophisticated technology than Animoji. The difference comes from the hardware. The camera of iPhone X has a feature of TrueDepth imaging system, which consists of the array of sensors to capture more information like movements of facial muscles and depth sensing.


Despite some dislikes about AR Emoji, I found GIF Stickers attractive and useful. Because of difference of camera’s features, AR Emoji can’t compete Animoji. And software and firmware updates won’t change the gap between them. However, there are many improvements and new features on Galaxy S9’s camera from the predecessor. I believe that next model may be going to have brand new features that surprise you.

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