Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting – bring smart light to your garden, porch, backyard, etc

Philips has recently expanded its line of product designed for use in outdoor. Many new products have been released in a short period of time. So, it may be overwhelming to update your knowledge of Philips Hue products. Here is a post to sort out and explain the benefits and features of Philips Hue outdoor lighting.

image of philips hue econic outdoor lantern fixture

Fixture & Lantern

There are two types of light fixtures or lanterns from Philips Hue, one with a replaceable light bulb(s) and the other with non-replaceable LED. Econic fixtures or lanterns, Discovery Floodlight, and Welcome Floodlight come with a non-replaceable LED. Econic and Discovery are multicolor so you can change 16 millions of colors. Welcome is only white. They are very bright. Econic and Discovery & Welcome produce 1150 lumens and 2300 lumens respectively.

Inara, Lucca, and Ludere are the fixtures come with a light bulb(s). Inara and Lucca include one Philips Hue A19 White light bulb. You may change it to White Ambiance or multicolor if you prefer. Ludere includes two Philips Hue White PAR38 floodlight bulbs. An A19 White light bulb produces 840 lumens, and each White PAR38 floodlight bulb produces 1300 lumens.

Pathway & Spotlight

Calla pathway light and Lily spotlight are both multicolor light. Both of them require to connect to a wall outlet. But, one power supply connects up to 5 Callas, Lilys, or mix of them. So, you can buy only one light with a base kit including a power supply and up to four add-ons to save money. Even they are connected in line from the same power supply, you can group them separately or control them individually. Both Calla and Lily produce 600 lumens.


Outdoor version of Philips Hue Lightstrip is available in two different lengths, 2m (=80 inches) or 5m (=197 inches). Unlike the indoor version, you can’t extend the length by connecting extension or cut it to fit a place, either. It’s thicker and heavier because it’s designed for outdoor use. If you mount it on ceiling or wall, you need to use included brackets and screws. A 2m Lightstrip produces 900 lumens, and a 5m Lightstrip does 1810 lumens.

image of philips hue outdoor lightstrip


White PAR38 Floodlight bulb is currently the only light bulb designed for outdoor use. It’s the exact same light bulb as one included in Ludere fixture. If your existing outdoor lights are PAR38, you can just replace them with Philips Hue floodlights. That’s the easiest and the most inexpensive way to bring Smart Lighting to your porch. It’s only White, there is no White Ambient or multicolor. It produces 1300 lumens.

image of philips hue outdoor white par38 floodlight


Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor is currently the only accessory designed for outdoor use. The sensor is powered by two AA batteries, and they are already packed in the sensor. According to the manufacturer, they will last about 2 years. It includes a mounting bracket and screws so you can place it not only on a flat surface but also a corner of a wall, pole, etc. It features 160-degree horizontal and 80-degree verticle view angle with 39 ft x 8 ft detection radius. It also has a built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor to turn on the lights only when it’s actually dark outside to save energy.

image of philips hue outdoor motion sensor

About the range of Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue devices connect each other with Zigbee network. Zigbee is a wireless technology, which creates a mesh network. Philips Hue Bridge only needs to communicate with the nearest light. Philips recommends placing one light within 30 feet of the bridge, and you can extend the distance up to 60 ft from the nearest one to the next one.

image of philips hue white a19 4pack

If your outdoor lights don’t respond, try adding a bulb between the Bridge and the light, and that will expand the range of the network. For example, you set up an Econic fixture on your porch but would respond. Try adding a cheap A19 White bulb in an entrance or hallway near the entrance. That may be going to establish the mesh network through the Econic fixture and work well. I guess adding a new bulb is easier than moving the hub with a WiFi extender.


Philips Hue lights are more expensive than regular LED lights. However, decades ago, we used to spend much more on incandescent light bulbs, which have a much shorter life and less energy-efficient. Taking this into account as well as all benefits and features, Philip Hue lights are definitely worth investing.

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