Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard guide and troubleshooting

image of logitech k750 wireless solar keyboardLogitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard is the best seller at Amazon for years. A standout feature of the keyboard is that it’s powered by solar energy. The dual solar panels mounted on top of the keyboard keep the device charged all the time.

The word “Solar” may mislead you because the keyboard doesn’t necessarily expose to direct sunlight to be charged. Just like solar calculators, well-lit room, desktop lamp, or any kind of light are sufficient for Logitech K750.


  • Dimension: 7.87″ x 1.38″ x 19.09″
  • Weight: 2.4 lb

What’s in the box

  • Logitech K750 Keyboard
  • Logitech Unifying receiver

For Windows users, the keyboard is the black one, and for Mac users, the white one. Both have the same specs. It’s only 1/3″ thick with the comfortable and streamlined keyboard.

How to check the charging status

image of logitech k750 charging status indicator led lightYou can check the charging status by pressing the button just above the Num-Lock key. When you press the button, indicator light next to it illuminates either a green or a red LED light. The green light with a smiley face means the keyboard has a good light source, and the red light with a frown face means the keyboard has an insufficient light source. If you get the red light, you should brighten the surroundings by turning on a desk lamp, moving to the well-lit room, etc.

Logitech Solar App software for more detailed charging status

You can download the software called Logitech Solar App from the website. The software tells you the current remaining power. And the Lux Meter shows you how much power your light source is providing at any time.

How to add and pair other Logitech devices with the same Unifying receiver

You can add or remove other Logitech devices to the same Unifying receiver with Logitech Unifying software. You can add up to six devices on one Unifying receiver.

Lost a Unifying receiver, what should I do?

You can buy a replacement of Unifying receiver alone at Amazon. Then, you add K750 to the new receiver with Logitech Unifying software.

SetPoint – Other software you may need to use with K750

SetPoint is software that lets you customize F-keys and hot-keys of the K750 keyboard. And it shows whether Caps Lock and Num Lock are on. (K750 keyboard doesn’t have LED indicators on those keys.) You can also customize other device-specific settings.

Intermittent connection, Red power indicator light, or Stopped working completely?

After several years, the keyboard may have some problems like bad responses, a red indicator light, or not holding a charge. Replace a battery with a new one may fix the issues.

Although the keyboard is advertised “Solar Powered,” it uses the coin battery to power the circuit, and the coin battery gets recharged by the solar panels. The model number of the coin battery is ML2032, which is rechargeable. Don’t confuse it for CR2032, which is non-rechargeable.

Buy Maxell ML2032 Rechargable 3V coin cell lithium motherboard cmos battery

How to replace the coin battery

image of logitech k750 battery replacementThe battery tray is in a slot located on the top edge, just a little off-center. It’s accessible from the back of the keyboard. The tray is designed to be easy to push and difficult to pull. As you can see in a picture, the tray has “ears” which locks the tray in place and makes it hard to pull out.

As a trick, use something a flat and thin piece like a putty knife, push it a little into the bottom of the tray, and pry. This helps “ears” to retract inward. Keep prying and try to pull it out with a wiggle. Once “ears” get past the edge, just slide it out. This YouTube video will help you understand what I mean.


Logitech K750 is a great keyboard for those who want it to be wireless and don’t like replacing a battery often. If you have other devices like a mouse and webcam, you can add all devices (up to 6) to a single Unifying receiver as long as the devices use a Unifying receiver. Just remember that the keyboard utilizes the rechargeable battery and it fails after years of use.


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  1. Had k750 with 2018 MacBook air. Terrible, losing connections. USB-C on MacBook air required a converter to USB-A for unifying receiver, not recommended by Logitech.

    Switched to K850 and using Bluetooth, which works great. Great feel, and lots of extra features, like multi device and slot to stand phone or tablet. K850 is the way to go if computer has only USB-C!! No connection lost issues at all. Also using a Logitech Bluetooth mouse.

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