How to install Google Play Store apps on Fire tablet

Play Store on Fire tabletAmazon Appstore doesn’t even have Google’s apps  like Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, and many other useful apps that are normally available on Android devices. And Amazon’s Fire tablet (7-inch, 5th generation) is originally limited to apps from Amazon Appstore. However, there is a way to install Google Play Store app on Fire tablet so you can download all Android apps. Since an operating system of Fire tablets called Fire OS is base on Android, you can do that without rooting.

First, please note that you need a Windows PC, USB cable.

Step 1: Enable ADB

  • On Fire tablet, open “Setting” > “Device Options”. Locate “Serial Number” and tap it repeatedly seven or more times until you see “Developer Options” appear just below it. Then, open “Developer Options” and tap “Enable ADB” and tap ENABLE to confirm in a popup. Now, the table is ready to install necessary applications from Windows PC. Connect Fire tablet to Windows PC with a USB cable and go to next step.

Step 2: Visit Root Junky website and download a file

  • On Windows PC, go to Root Junky website and download “” file and unzip it to a folder.

Step 3: Run the script

  • Find “1-Install-Play-Store.bat” file in the unzipped folder and double-click it. Soon, you will see a popup message “Allow USB debugging?” on Fire tablet. Tap OK, and the script starts. Type 2 and press Enter to perform “Install Google Play store and remove ads from lock screen.” Wait for a few minutes to finish the installation. After finish, go back to “Setting” > “Device Options” > “Developer Options” and disable ADB debugging. Then, disconnect a USB cable and reboot Fire tablet. Done!


Now, A home screen of Fire tablet shows a very familiar icon of Play Store on the bottom. You can install Chrome, Google Drive, Google Maps, and more apps from there. Signing in with an existing account allows you to install paid apps, which you previously purchased, without paying twice.

Reportedly, Root Junky’s tool works for Fire OS 5.3.1 or 5.3.2, relatively new version of Fire OS. So, it doesn’t work for older Fire tablets. And it probably works for Fire HD and HDX with the same version of Fire OS. I did this on my Fire tablet 7-inch 5th gen with Fire OS, and it works perfectly. Root Junky mentions that future updates of Fire OS might be going to cause some issues.


Fire tablet is very cheap but very versatile now. The least expensive one is as little as $50, yet it has full access to Play Store apps. Installing Play Store doesn’t hurt Fire’s home screen which is customized by Amazon. You can easily access contents like Amazon Music, Instant Video, Kindle Books, etc. Plus, you have a virtual assistance from Alexa!

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