Best Free Gear VR Apps 2016

Gear VR was released not long ago, but there are already many apps available. Finding good apps by browsing from scratch can be a hassle because of battery drain and overheating problems of smartphones. If you just get Gear VR and use it for the first time, it’s better to know which apps are good to try. Here are my recommendations, best free Gear VR apps.

Ocean Rift Demo

It’s a free version of Ocean Rift, one of the greatest apps which take full advantage of VR technology. In the app, you can swim with dolphins, tropical fish, sharks, turtle, etc. A full version costs $9.99 USD.


Colosse is a short story that takes place in a 360-degree and 3D environment. There is no dialogue, only BGM and sound effect. Colosse is not a simple 360-degree video. The story unfolds when you look at a particular area. Although the story is very short and not that interesting, you can see a potential of VR entertainments.


Sister is a short horror film. Needless to say, horror movies would be much scarier when you watch it in an immersive environment. Horror is one of the categories that is the most advantageous with VR technology. Please don’t underestimate this film because it’s short and free. It’s very scary.

Samsung VR

If you want more immersive experiences, go to Samsung VR. Samsung VR is a library of 360-degree videos. It’s like Youtube of 360-degree version. You can search, download, play and upload directly from a smartphone even when you don’t have Gear VR nearby. It’s easy to browse on a smartphone and then play through Gear VR. There are many quality contents available.


You can watch movies on a TV in a virtual living room. It may sound nothing special. But the TV in a virtual living room is huge. Netflix app is free. If you already have a regular Netflix account, you are ready to watch their contents. They offer a free one-month trial for a new customer.


Like Netflix, you can watch their contents in a virtual living room. Also, you can change the virtual environment to a private theater, beach, etc. Plus, they have over 25 original 360-degree videos. These videos are available to everyone. You don’t need a Hulu’s subscription to watch these videos. Hulu offers a free one-week trial for a new customer.


NextVR provides you immersive viewing experiences by streaming recorded or live sports events, music concerts, cinematic productions, and more. Imagine that you are watching a show in a front-row seat, a succor game on the field, a boxing match from a ringside. NextVR with Gear VR makes them possible even when you are home.

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