Best Apps and Games to play with Gear VR Controller

Gear VR Controller, which has a motion tracking feature, allows you to interact with virtual reality in new ways. Here are some titles you may want to play with the controller.

A Night Sky

You are camping in a valley. It’s a peaceful surrounding. Your tent is on the back, a cracking campfire in front of it, and a beautiful night sky spreads all over. Pointing a star to begin, then you connect the constellations to bring mysterious creatures to life. A Night Sky is not a game but just an experience. The app is free. It’s good for trying a new controller’s performance. (Free)

Drop Dead

It’s one of the best shooting games for Gear VR. With the controller, instead of turning your head to aim and tapping a trackpad to shoot, pointing the controller and pulling a trigger button. You will have more intuitive and immersive experience than ever. ($9.99)

Facebook 360

Discover immersive 360 photos and videos from organizations, media creators, or even friends you follow. Save the contents for watching at a more convenient time. Facebook 360 has millions of 360 photos and videos. The controller allows you browse and jump to the contents more quickly. (Free)

Star Chart

Explore our Solar System from the Sun to the moons of Saturn. Let’s have the experience of the first human who landed on the Moon. Explore Mars with the Curiosity. Watch constellations in the night sky and learn how they are made up. Star Chart fully supports the Gear VR Controller. Travel the impossible distances and feel the immense scale of the universe in your hand with the controller. ($4.99)

ASTEROIDS! Ship Explorer

It’s the follow-up to the award-winning VR INVASION!: a story of the aliens, Mac, Cheez, and Peas. In addition to the main story, there is an interactive feature to explore their spaceship. Gear VR Controller is the only controller that is supported by the app. The controller and pointer appear different in the app. They look space-ish. (Free)


Rangi is a 3D puzzle game. It’s similar to Land’s End and Esper. In a background of mythical African art and building, you are solving puzzles by sliding objects. The Gear VR Controller makes it easy to navigate the objects. ($4.99)

These are only a part. There are much more titles available and also under development. You can browse the website, mobile app, or through Gear VR. Upper right-hand corner of each title’s main picture shows you the controller is either supported or required. Again, there are many titles available now or under development. Check back often for an update.
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