Samsung Galaxy S9 S9+ Deals and Carriers comparison

If you are a student..

If you are students with a valid edu email address, you can get a 7.5 percent discount on the unclocked S9 and S9+. You will need to sign up Samsung’s Student Discount Program with your edu email address with Samsung’s Student Discount Program unless you already have an account. It’s one of the easiest ways to get the price lower. And, you can combine the other deals like Trade-in to get an even lower price on the new Samsung Galaxy phones.

Switching Carriers

AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon offer a $150 prepaid Visa/MasterCard if you open a new line of service. Plus, these carriers also provide up to $350 in credits when you trade-in an old smartphone. So, you may get up to $500 off on a new Samsung smartphone.

Monthly payment with an installment plan

You can get a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone via a carrier’s installment plan. A duration and monthly payment vary from carrier to carrier. Please see a chart below for more details. Trade-in can be stacked with this offer.

CarrierS9 PriceS9 Monthly PaymentsS9+ PriceS9+ Monthly PaymentsTrade-In Rebates
Verizon$799.99$33.33 / 24mo$929.99$38.74 / 24moUp to $350
AT&T$790.20$26.34 / 30mo$915$30.50 / 30moUp to $350
T-Mobile$720$30 / 24mo$840$30 / 24mo +$120 down paymentUp to $360
Sprint$792$33 / 18mo$912$38 / 18moUp to $350

Other Options


You can purchase a new smartphone directly at You may choose your carrier and have it activated through There is also an unlocked smartphone. The price is the same, and monthly payments are available as well. The trade-in is also available.

Best Buy

Like Samsung, Best Buy offers an unlocked, activation of major carriers through their website, monthly payment, and trade-in.


Amazon has only unlocked S9 and S9+. You may be eligible for special financing (12 months 0% APR) or 5% statement credit if you have an Amazon store card or credit card.


You will see the price comparison between carriers on the chart above. After you determine your carrier or purchase an unlocked phone, the price will be the same no matter where you buy. But, if you have store credit like gift cards or membership points, you can take advantage of stores like Samsung, Best Buy, or Amazon.

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