goTenna Mesh | Off-Grid Communication Device for Travel or Emergency

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goTenna Mesh is the device for off-grid communication using unique network technology. It’s sold in pairs. Each device connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth. As long as they are within the effective range of the devices, you can communicate with each other using their own radio signal without cellular service or internet. A type of communication is very limited, though. You can only send and receive text messages and share your locations on an offline map using a smartphone’s GPS. What the unique network technology goTenna Mesh uses is the range of the device can increase significantly when more devices are in the vicinity.

What is the range of goTenna network?

It is difficult to assess or predict the range of goTenna network. It depends on many different factors such as the terrains, the number of devices your group uses, and most importantly, the number of devices outside of your group use in a given area.

Let’s think of the simplest situation to understand how goTenna works. Say you and your friend use a pair of goTenna devices, and they are connected to your smartphones. You guys can send messages to each other and also share your locations in the app when you two are within the range of the devices. The range of the devices depends on types of terrain, existence of buildings or electric interference. According to the manufacturer, the signal can travel up to 4 miles point-to-point range in an open area. In the area like a forest, mountain, ravine, or city, the signal is still expected to travel up to 0.5 miles.

Now, you guys start walking in different directions. When you are far away from each other, you think you got outside of the range, you try sending a message. The message is delivered, and you got a response. You share your locations, and then you know you guys are now 10 miles away from each other. Why can you still communicate?

Imagine someone who has goTenna appears between you and your friend, and someone’s device is within the range of both you and your friend’s devices. Although your two devices are far outside of the range, you can still communicate with each other by using someone’s device as a relay. The “someone” doesn’t need to be your acquaintance. Your messages just hop on his or her device. He or she doesn’t even know that you are using his or her device as a relay to send your message to your friend. He or she may be using your device as a relay to communicate with his or her friend.

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What’s fascinating about goTenna network is that you can use anyone’s device as a relay as long as it is powered on. (not necessary to pair with a smartphone) Plus, there is no limit on the number of users. When more people use goTenna, the range of the whole network will expand.

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Who is goTenna for?

goTenna is good for a group of people who travel to a remote area where it is outside of a cellular network. Sometimes, a group of people may separate to some degree, but they are most likely still in the same area. It’s handy that you can communicate with each other and also relieving that you can share your exact locations on the map. In case of emergency, for example, you broke your leg when you are alone, you can tell the rest of the members that you are in trouble.

image of gotenna mesh for camping hiking traveling

You can also use goTenna as a backup communication tool around your neighborhood in case cellular and internet services are down. Keep in mind buildings or other electric interference narrow the range of goTenna network. And, as mentioned above, it’s hard to assess or predict the range of goTenna network. So, you can’t fully rely on goTenna in case of emergency, but it’s good to have as a backup method of communication.


goTenna Mesh is a communication device that works with your smartphone. Unlike two-way radios, you can’t talk. All you can do with it is to send and receive text messages and share your locations. However, goTenna network is unique, and it has great potential. When there are more goTenna devices are around, the range of network will expand. It’s good for a group of people on a backcountry trip or a backup communication method in case of emergency. Click here to see the latest price of goTenna Mesh.

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