5 Travel Gadgets and Accessories for clothes, laundry, and packing

There are many new products released every day. It’s too many for you to keep up with unless you pay attention to them by reading a magazine or watching ads. The truth is that there are many travel gadgets and accessories you may not even know their existences, and they can enhance your trip and solve common travel problems. Here are some useful travel gadgets and accessories related to clothes and laundry, which make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Scrubba Wash Bag

World’s smallest and lightest washing machine on the go. Scrubba Wash Bag is a pocket-size and lightweight wash bag with a flexible washboard inside and see-through window to see the progress. 2018-version has an improvement on the valve over the 2016-version. (Twist style vs. squeeze style) It only needs 2 to 4 liters of water and detergent and less than 3 minutes of rubbing.

image of scrubba wash bag

It’s good for those who go on a trip of any kind for a long time. For large clothes, you will still need to rely on a laundromat or hotel service, but for small clothes, you can wash for yourself with Scrubba. It will save you money.

image of scrubba for camping hiking backpacking and travel

And Scrubba is also good for places with limited water supply. For example, camping and backpacking trips. With Scrubba, you don’t have to keep wearing dirty and stinky clothes for days. You can keep your clothes fresh and clean every day.

HAWATOUR Portable Travel Elastic Clothesline

HAWATOUR Portable Travel Elastic Clothesline is an elastic bungee cord with 12 clothespins. The clothespins can hold many different types of clothes.

image of hawatour portable travel elastic clothesline

There are black clips between each clothespin to prevent clothespins from sliding and gathering in the center of the cord. Thus, clothes stay apart and dry up quickly.

image of hawatour clothesline not slide to the center

Both ends have a steel hook so you can attach it anywhere easily. The length of the rope is 70 inches (=5.83 feet). It can be stretched up to 10 feet. It comes with a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty.

Spacesaver 8x Premium Travel Roll Up Compression Storage Bags for Suitcases

This item works just as it sounds. It comes 4 medium (28 x 20 inch) and 4 large (24 x 32 inch) bags that can reduce the original volume of clothes by up to 80%. They will create more space in your suitcase.

image of spacesaver 8x travel roll up storage bags for suitcases

You don’t need a vacuum pump or vacuum cleaner. To squeeze the air out of a bag, Just roll up the bag, and air never gets back in until you open it. It’s not only for creating more room in your suitcase, but also protect against mildew, water, insects, and odors. It’s durable and reusable, what’s more, it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron

It measures 3.1 x 2.9 x 5.3 inch and weighs 0.96 pounds. It’s probably the smallest steam iron in the world. It has a 1.4 oz water tank and three temperature settings. It quickly heats up in 15 seconds.

image of steamfast mini travel steam iron

The low power of 420 watts unlikely blow a fuse of universal adapter. And dual-voltage input is suitable for international travel without worrying about different voltage at destinations. It includes a travel bag and measuring cup.

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Portable Folding Clothes Hangers

A hanger is foldable to pack small and carry easily. This idea and design seem very simple, but they are brilliant and practical. When unfolding half of it, it’s for kid’s clothes or women’s dresses. When unfolding fully, it’s for adult clothes. Even when fully folded, you can use it as a hook to hang a cap, handbag, etc.

image of portable folding clothes hangers

Please note that it’s not that durable. It’s not recommended for heavy winter coats and jackets. This item is a 12-pack black folding hanger set come with 30-day money back guarantee.

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