Netflix and Hulu apps for Gear VR

Netflix and Hulu have developed apps for Gear VR. Both of them offer their contents to be watched through Samsung Gear VR headset. Movies and TV shows are played on a virtual screen in a virtual room or other surroundings. It sounds a little silly, but an advantage of this experience is that you feel watching a very large screen. A disadvantage is that there is no high-definition available. Quality is limited to standard definition (720×480.) And your eyes probably get tired faster than the real world. Both of them offer VR apps and usage without an extra charge. With a regular subscription, you can watch freely.

Difference between Netflix and Hulu

Both Netflix and Hulu have a feature that takes you to VR world and allows you to watch their contents on a virtual big screen. But, Hulu has much more features. Let’s see the difference.

First off, Netflix takes you to a living room of a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere. There is a view of the mountains outside of a window to the left and some movie posters on the wall to the other side. Supposedly, you are sitting on a red couch. A coffee table is in front of you. A stone wall that is facing to you has a virtual 100-inch TV on which your shows are played. When shows start, the room dims. You also have an option, “Void Theater Mode” to see just a floating screen.

Hulu also has a feature of a virtual living room. There is a sofa, table, dining area, and virtual 100-inch TV. The room is surrounded by large windows. By default, a night view of an urban city is spread outside of the window. The view can be changed to different scenes like a forest, ocean, etc. You can choose a beach or movie theater as a place you watch contents. When shows start, all surroundings blur. Just like Netflix, you can void a theater mode to see a screen only.

In addition to regular contents (movies and TV shows), Hulu has over 25 exclusive 360-degree videos. These videos are available to everyone who owns Gear VR for free, meaning that you can watch them without Hulu’s subscription.


The idea, making a virtual room, place a big TV, and show contents, is very simple. But, An experience you can get from it is much more exciting than expected. If you already subscribe either of them, you should try now. Even if you don’t know if it’s worth, both Netflix and Hulu offer a free one week or month trial for new subscribers; you should use the offer and experience to watch movies in the world of VR.

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